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Six Tips to Ace Your First Job Interview

The First Job Interview can be nerve-wracking for any candidate regardless of age or experience level. It is easy to forget about what you really want from the hiring process as well as how best to present yourself as a qualified candidate during the meeting. With these six tips, hopefully you will have no trouble acing your next first job interview!

Tip #1 - Practice Answering Interview Questions in the Mirror

If you're one of the many people who dreads interview questions, it's time to start practicing your responses in the mirror. What better way to prepare for any tough question than by asking yourself what would be a good answer? It might seem silly at first but when you think about how often we talk to ourselves, this method can really help. Pick out five common job interview questions and write down answers to each one. These can be tough because there are so many possible ones, but try these three: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Tell me about yourself. Then, take turns asking and answering these questions while looking in the mirror. Practicing this way helps you stay calm under pressure by getting used to talking without any visual or audible cues from others around you.

Tip #2 - Research the company and find out what they're looking for, then mention it during your interview.

Always be prepared for the interview by researching the company ahead of time, including their history and current projects or initiatives. You may even want to consider talking with people who work there so you have a better idea of what it is like on a day-to-day basis.

Tip #3 - Be early for your meeting and take a look around to familiarize yourself with the surroundings.

If possible, find out where you will be going beforehand so you can plan your route and get there on time (or even ahead of schedule). This way, when it comes time for the interview, you do not have to worry about getting lost and can instead focus on your upcoming meeting.

Tip #4 - Bring extra copies of your resume so you can hand them out if needed.

Have all your documents prepared in advance. Only bring the necessary materials to the interview and do not forget any paperwork (like a resume, reference list, or project portfolio). It is also good practice to make copies of these items ahead of time so you can easily hand them over to the hiring manager.

Tip #5 - Remember to smile!

You want to give off an air of confidence when speaking with someone who could potentially hire you, If you come across as nervous or uncomfortable, it will be difficult for them to see that there are many reasons why they should hire you over other candidates. Be sure to smile and make eye contact during the meeting so your interviewer knows how interested in the role (and company) you truly are!

Tip #6 - Finally, ask yourself the tough questions before going into your interview.

Consider what you really want from a career as well as how this specific opportunity fits in with these goals. Also think about why this company appeals to you and if it is a good match for you personally (and vice versa). This way, when the hiring manager asks you if you have any questions, the answer will be a resounding “yes!”

With these six tips, hopefully you will have no trouble acing your next first job interview. When applying for a new position it can be easy to forget about what you really want from the hiring process as well as how best to present yourself during the meeting. The key is preparation and practice! Take time to prepare ahead of time by researching the company, its mission statement, values, etc., so that when they ask you questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or “What are your strengths/weaknesses?” You know exactly where to go with them because of all your work beforehand.

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