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Free Online Internship Courses

These free online courses will help you understand what to expect from an internship and how to be a great intern

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What you will learn

Six short courses that cover essential skills of the most common internships

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Course 1: New Job Essentials
Learn the skills you need to be successful as you start a new job.
Working on Laptop
Course 4: Email Essentials
Learn how to craft a professional email and some key writing tips that will help you get ahead in the workplace.
Globalization concept
Course 2: Productivity Essentials
Learn how to prioritize, collaborate and manage your schedule as you move into a new role.
Business Presentation
Course 5: Presentation Essentials
Learn key skills that anyone can use to give a great presentation at work.
Working from Home_edited.jpg
Course 3: Professional Development Essentials
Develop the skills you need to create learn and grow everyday in your new job.
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Course 6: Company Culture Essentials
Learn how to authentically connect and relate to your colleagues and be yourself on the job.
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